Some Of These Foods Are Consumed Every Day – Find Out Tge 10 Deadlies Foods in The World!


The tendency to experiment in the kitchen is commendable characteristics if it does not include dangerous products that can jeopardize your health and life.

We bring you a list of foods that should be kept properly, or carefully prepared, because they cause problems from severe poisoning to fatal consequences!

And with this we do not talk about the red meat for which the World Health Organization (WHO) warned us a few days ago. With these products we need to be very careful, and although they can be dangerous, some are considered to be excellent dishes for which many people are willing to pay a lot of money. Fish, cheese and vegetables make this list dangerous!Some Of These Foods Are Consumed Every Day - Find Out Tge 10 Deadlies Foods in The World!

  1. Ackee Fruit

Ackee is the most popular fruit in Jamaica. If you plan to visit this amazing destination – do not consume these fruits without consulting. It can cause vomiting or even death!

  1. Cassava root

The cassava root is an excellent addition to Caribbean dishes, but should be carefully used. If the roots are not cooked enough, your guests may die of cyanide poisoning.

  1. Fugu

Japanese pufferfish fish- Fugu is a real culinary delicacy in Asia, but it requires careful preparation. Its meat contains tetrodotoxin – the poison found in other pufferfish which has lethal consequences, so the chefs are specially trained to remove the toxin before serving it to the guests.

  1. Poisonous mushrooms

The most dangerous mushroom is known as Death Cap, because it contains toxins which can kill you. In our country and around the world different types of mushrooms can be found which can cause symptoms from light nausea to death.

  1. African bullfrog

Frogs are consumed all over the world, but the African bullfrog causes poor kidney function if it is not cooked properly before it is consumed.

  1. 6. Blood Clams

These clams are superb delicacy in China, specifically in Shanghai, but by enjoying them you can get hepatitis A and E, and are therefore prohibited since 1988. But thanks to the illegal market they can be found in some restaurants. If you are offered with these clams say –No, thanks do you have a hamburger?

  1. 7. Elderberries

In Europe jam and juice are prepared from these berries, but they are considered to be dangerous. If they are well-cooked there is no danger from consuming them. The consumption of raw fruits on the other hand can cause vomiting and weakness.

  1. Sour cherry with pit

What? So you consume cherries your whole life and you have never felt sick? The danger lies in them – their pits. If you swallow pit or two, nothing will happen. But if you eat a large amount, you may begin to feel weak and sick.

  1. The leaves of rhubarb

Bitter white-reddish roots of this fruit are excellent for preparing sweets, winter preserves, and savory dishes as well. The leaves of these plants on the other hand should be avoided as they cause vomiting.

  1. Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the most frequent allergens in the modern world and millions of people worldwide suffer from allergy caused by peanuts. Peanut allergy can result in light rash, anaphylactic shock, or cessation of breathing.