This Simple Exercise Solved My Problem With Gas And A Bloated Stomach


Bloating is a common digestive discomfort affecting both men and women. Although most people resort to over-the counter meds to get rid of a bloated stomach, there are safer ways to deal with this issue.

One such treatment includes a set of yoga exercises, known as Supta pawana muktasana (Supta = Reclining, Pawan = wind, Mukt = Release), which are extremely beneficial for relieving bloating and intestinal gas. The most important thing when doing the exercises is to focus on balancing the motion and breathing. What this set of exercises does is improve digestive system function and this includes the function of the small and large intestines, pancreas, and liver. Plus, it increases blood flow all over the body.

If you often suffer from digestive discomforts such as gases and bloating, give these exercises a try. You’ve got nothing to lose, but much to gain!