Signs And Symptoms Of Early Detection Of Cancer Of The Tongue

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The term cancer of the mouth opening refers to all tumors in the oral cavity, tumors of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, gums and upper throat.

Sometimes, cancer of the oral cavity is developed from some other diseases of the oral cavity:

Erythroplakia which can be recognized by a piece of red velvet in the mouth and is always considered as a pre – cancer condition;

Leukoplakia, which is characterized by whitish tissue that sometimes represents pre – cancer condition. Erythroplakia and leukoplakia are closely associated with excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, as well as most cancers of the oral cavity.Signs And Symptoms Of Early Detection Of Cancer Of The Tongue


Whitish or velvet piece of tissue rather than healthy pink mucosa in the mouth can be a warning of cancer. If untreated the tissue changes color and can grow into aphthous ulcers. Among the symptoms of cancer of the oral cavity include:

  • Sores in the mouth and the lips that are not curable. Wounds that are often bleeding. Swelling may overtime bleed or become a ulcer
  • Difficulty swallowing. Nauseating feelings during eating, drinking or swallowing
  • Loss of tooth without reason, wobbly teeth, toothache or earache not treated with conventional treatment
  • Development of a lump or a cancerous mass on the neck. Swollen lymph node in the neck
  • Pain in the ear.

Symptoms with advanced cancer of the oral cavity include pain in the ear, with the arch of the oral cavity, unexplained tightness of muscles of the face or neck or enduring unpleasant breath.

Contact the doctor:

  • If you are permanently hoarse, have pain or a strange feeling in your mouth. Perhaps you have throat cancer.
  • If you feel a persistent and unexplained discomfort in the mouth or ear. Pain can easily be derived from something else that is not cancer, but the reason, of course, should be determined.