Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water Immediately Before And After Meals


We all drink water when we’re thirsty, it’s one of our basic needs and we try to satisfy it whenever we feel it. Plus, we know that drinking water is healthy so we try to drink as much as we can throughout the day, to keep our body hydrated.

However, we should know that in some instances we should restrain from drinking water because it could have detrimental effects on our health. Drinking water before, during and right after a meal is not recommended and here’s why.Why You Shouldn Drink Water Before and after meals

If you have a habit of drinking water just before you eat it will slow down the digestion by diluting the gastric juice and weakening the digestive system. People who need to take medications before a meal should do so at least an hour in advance and limit the consumption of water until they eat.

If you drink water just after you finish your meal it will directly affect the food quality and the strength of the digestive system. Whatever food you eat the water will act as a coolant and this will soon lead to unexpected weight gain.

When should we drink water?

Consume water at least 30 minutes after meals. It will give you a feeling of satiety and will satisfy your thirst. After an hour or two you can drink as much water as you want because the digestion process will be over by this time.

If you can’t control your thirst and want to drink water between the meals, drink it in minimal amounts. The water should be at room temperature because cold water can make digestive enzymes inactive, and leads to a toxic waste build up in your body.

Steer clear of carbonated and caffeinated drinks while you eat because it can cause acid reflux and digestive problems.