Shocking: The Effects Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions On Your Body


Not a second of a normal person’s life goes by without having some type of an emotion. Whether it would be happiness or sadness, joy or depression, emotions are a crucial part of our day. But, what we should also know is that our emotions are connected to our overall health.

Depending on the emotion you are feeling in a certain moment, our body releases different chemicals and those chemicals create a different environment within the body itself. Serotin, dopamine or oxytocin are released when we experience happiness. On the other hand, when we feel stress our body will release cortisol, a totally different hormone that puts the body in a different state.Shocking The Effects Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions On Your Body

But what happens when we think negative all the time? Or when you are a positive person and have happy thoughts all the time? Read on and you’ll see how emotions interact with your body.

Positive thoughts vs. Negative thoughts

Sure we can be neutral sometimes towards certain things, but most of the time our brain will judge and define what is positive and what negative. The brain is a powerful tool, so as it defines something to be positive or negative we’ll get a different reaction in our activity. For example, if while driving you get cut off by another car, some will get pissed off and immediately change their mood to negative even if it was positive the whole time before, while some will just hit that brake a little bit and continue like nothing happened. So it seems that things are not always positive or negative by definition, but it is we that define them as such.

Change your way of seeing things as much as possible

Most of the time, there are no positive or negative things just by definition, but it is you that find them to be one way or the other. So, you are the one defining how a situation affects you and therefore how your body will react to it. We can always work our definition on certain situations, and while we do not have such self-control yet, maybe after knowing how our emotions affect our health, we can work to improve that self-control.