Shocking Facts About Your All Time Favorite Potato Chips


Potato chips are one of the most favorite food of children all over the world. These chips are easily available so people eat it often. The more you eat this light weight snack, the more you crave for it. It’s paired with beer by the people with alcohol-drinking habit. What could possibly be wrong with this delicious snack?

Health hazards of eating potato chips:

Despite being delicious and readily available, it’s a junk food loaded with heavy calories, and negligible amount of nutrients. Such foods are harmful for your health and reduce life span. Eating potato chips is addictive. Research has shown that it is as bad as taking drugs. You will be surprised to know that eating a pack of potato chips has the same effect on your body as drinking about 5 liter of cooking oil.

Bag Potatoe chips, Kartoffelchips

According to the famous author Michael Moss, potato chips are deliberately made to be addictive. The whole focus is on the taste of potato chips and we eat them because they taste good to our taste buds. Our taste buds send a signal to our brain which results in the craving.

Whichever brand of potato chips you choose, they are probably unhealthy. Michael Moss recommend eating potato chips as low as twice a month in very small quantity. According to him potato chips have the same effects as smoking.

Other than fat, the major problem with potato chips is that they also contain a carcinogenic chemical known as acrylamide.

Existence of Acrylamide:

Acrylamide develops when a food rich in carbohydrate is cooked at temperatures above 100° C. Weather you bake a food rich in carbohydrate, fry it or roast it, Acrylamide is formed. Every single potato chip contain about 39 times more acrylamide than legal limit. Some brands even reach up to 910 times.

HEATOX studies have shown that many other chemicals are also formed as a result of heating. Out of the 800 compounds which were identified, about 52 are potentially carcinogenic.

These reasons are enough for you to avoid potato chips and eat healthy unprocessed food.