She Didn’t Do Make-Up Or Depilation For A Year – This Is What Happened To Her!


In a world where trends are dictated by celebrities and Photoshop, one mother from Brookline, Massachusetts decided to make a pretty drastic move.

She Didn’t Do Make-Up Or Depilation For A Year - This Is What Happened To Her!

She decided to throw away the makeup, hair cut, stop the depilation and give up shopping for a whole year. “I did not want to stand before a mirror and have a nervous breakdown. I just did not want that to continue happening, “told Phoebe Baker Hyde, reports CBS.

In addition, she noted that after the decision, she was often in doubt: “However, I felt that I need to find a way to feel good. For me nothing that I put on the face or body gives me a confidence boost. ”

Phoebe wrote about her “transformation” in her book “The Beauty Experiment”, and there she explains in detail where she gave up everything: mascara, hair spray, lip gloss, powder: “There were people who did not blink, but also those who reacted.

And just the dynamics of these relations were very interesting within the last year, “she explained, adding that her husband was providing her support all the time, but also led to some interesting conversation about waxing.

The birth of her daughter prompted her to this change. She wanted to be able to stand with her in front of the mirror and tell herself that they look great together despite the fact that she is completely without natural or make-up free.

Phoebe does not believe that all women should stop wearing makeup, and admits that she really missed concealer for dark circles. One of the positive things of this experiment, we note the fact that in a year she saved nearly 100$, and since the one-year period is over she began to use a grape grease gloss and moisturizer, “This is me, and if this is not enough for someone, maybe I am not the problem, “she concluded.