She Cut Out Only 1 Thing from Her Diet and LOST 60 POUNDS!


Aged 25 and weighing 235 pounds, Tilly Cutler was far from the ideal body proportions one should have at that age. Because of her weight she couldn’t move properly. Then one day she decided to cut out 1 item from her diet hoping for the best possible outcome.

To her amazement, she lost over 60 pounds in 6 months and only because she stopped eating hamburgers.

She Cut Out Only 1 Thing from Her Diet and LOST 60 POUNDS!

I used to eat hamburgers so much, that I put on a lot of weight and couldn’t fit in my clothing. I couldn’t walk properly, and my self-confidence was on the lowest level possible,” said Tilly, whose mental health also suffered due to the excessive weight gain.

After sharing her photos on the internet, she’s become an overnight sensation.

She Cut Out Only 1 Thing from Her Diet and LOST 60 POUNDS! 1

I took a photo of me, with my big belly, to remind me how I looked like before the weight loss. It kept me on the right path, so I continued losing weight. I was amazed at how people reacted to my determination. 36 weeks have passed since my life started to change and I will never look back. I still haven’t reached my goal, but I’m looking forward”.

I was only 6 months at college, when I dropped off with my husband because of work, and my bad nutrition continued. I ate burgers and snacks 4 times a week and I never cooked. Edward and I loved eating at fast food restaurants, and I always had desserts. But, this is all behind me. Now I feed much healthier!” added Tilly.

Only after she’d been put on a special nutrition program, specially targeted for obese people, Tilly managed to lose considerable amount of weight. Now her breakfast includes fruit and yogurt, her brunch carrots or salad, her snacks fruit, yogurt or a wholesome chocolate bar. She doesn’t have dinner, but still enjoys a low calorie Carbonara.

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