See What Happens When You Massage This Point on Your Ears!


The ear is thought to be a microsystem of the human organism and auricular acupuncture is actually a massage of certain ear pats. This treatment is proven to be an effective method against various health conditions. In 1950s, a French neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier revealed that the ear can be compared with a map which looks like an upturned fetus and he said that the ear is connected with emotional, anatomical and physiological aspects of the body. For example, if you massage certain anatomically relating point of the upturned fetus in the ear you can alleviate sciatic pain.

See What Happens When You Massage This Point on Your Ears!
Later, an American physician-Terry Oleson conducted a survey about ear acupuncture. He claimed that by simple examination of patient’s ear and finding which ear part is sensitive, he was able to determine the patient’s medical condition with up to 75% precision.

Through stimulating certain ear points this treatment should stabilize the body’s dysfunction. This technique is related to reflexology where the disharmony of different body parts and mind are regulated and alleviated with stimulating some reflex points. There are two ways in which Auricular acupuncture can be practiced –with usage of very thin and short acupuncture needles or by physical pressure with ear pellets.
Shen Men or “heavenly gate” is one of the mostly treated auricular acupuncture point and is placed in the apex of the triangular fossa of the ear. This point is thought as a quite effective against various mental and physical conditions as fear, stress, pain and inflammations. It also relieves depression, insomnia and excessive sensitivity. With stimulating the Shen Men you can help yourself when you are under stress so you will calm down immediately. What is more important, this point also helps in body detoxification from drugs and other substances.
In auriculotherapy, when a specific point is stimulated with a pressure through a tiny pallet, often Vaccaria seed is used, and the health practitioner uses a tiny piece of medical tape to fix the pallet onto that spot. Throughout the therapy the medical practitioner teaches the patient how to make a pressure on the spot and advises the patient to continue practicing this at home for a few seconds, several times a day. By learning this, patients will be able to help themselves in achieving many positive results in alleviating and defeating a number of physical and mental problems, only with making a pressure or stimulating one but strong ear point. The ear seeds can stay in this position for several days in a row before you remove or replace them.