If You See This “Weed” Growing In Your Yard, Don’t Pick It! Here’s Why…


You probably get the creeps when you see purslane growing in your lawns. Don’t worry, most of us do! But, if you knew what this common weed can do for your health, you’d surely be glad to have in your yard.

To start with, puslane is abundant in vitamins and minerals which improve overall health, as well as ample amounts of iron and calcium, essential minerals which support bone health. Moreover, it improves your body’s immune response to common pathogens.

If You See This “Weed” Growing In Your Yard, Don’t Pick It! Here’s Why…

It has very resilient seeds and can live up to 25 years. This weed is a real storehouse of nutrients. In fact, it packs more vitamin A than most leafy greens, which means it provides great protection against cancer. It’s also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, meaning it significantly improves your heart health and effectively protects against heart attacks and stroke. Best of all, it’s GMO-free, which means you don’t have to worry about side-effects.

The leaves are high in protein, which boosts your energy levels. Last, but not least, this weed lowers the risk of developmental disorders in children including autism and ADHD.

As an added bonus you get the delicious lemony taste and crunchy texture. If you are wondering how to include it into your diet, you can simply replace spinach with it, or add it to various salad recipes. You can also add it to sandwiches.

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