See If You Are Expecting A Boy Or A Girl With This Simple Baking Soda Gender Test


Determining your baby’s gender is usually done with an ultrasound test at your gynecologist’s office, but sometimes you just can’t wait until your next appointment because you’re so eager to find out. If you’re dying to know your baby’s gender earlier than expected there’s a simple baking soda gender prediction test which has proven to be very accurate.See-If-You-Are-Expecting-a-BOY-or-a-GIRL-with-This-Simple-Baking-Soda-Gender-Test

You just need some baking soda and a small disposable cup. Put some baking soda in the cup and a little of your urine in and watch the reaction. If it frizzles like a soda pop, then it’s probably a boy, but if it does not frizzle, then it’s most likely a girl. Its accuracy was tested and in 22 out of 31 cases the test was accurate in its prediction.

It may not be 100% accurate but it’s still a fun way to try to see what gender your baby will be. Test it and tell us if it guessed correctly!