SECRET RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: For two days 5kg less!


Parsley is an amazing herb which is often used as garnish. But in this way, it is consumed in very small amount which is not sufficient to help in the elimination of extra fluids accumulated in the body. American doctor, John R. Christopher recommends herbal medicine as it is very beneficial.

SECRET RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS For two days 5kg less!

He often emphasizes that parsley is especially effective in treating kidney diseases.

So, parsley can be used against urinary infections and it is considered to be strong diuretic. The root and the leaves can be used in treating various diseases. There are numerous recipes of how to prepare parsley tea.

“Parsley is amazing. On Thursday I had 72 kg, and two days after five kilograms less. It’s not about accumulated fat, but the excess fluid that I had in my body. I feel super light”– said, Anna.

In 1L of boiling water, add 5 tablespoons of large and chopped parsley leaves. Steep for 20 minutes and then strain the water or you can also drink it with the parsley leaves.

“I decided to drink the parsley tea because I have kidney problems. I was advised to drink bearberry tea. I felt better but I still had excess fluid in the body. So I decided to replace the bearberry tea with parsley and the results were amazing. Now, I only use dry parsley for preparing tea and I will use it in the future for sure.” –claims Anna.

It is very important to clean your body of excess fluids. The urine contains bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances. Parsley, on the other hand is scientifically proven to be effective diuretic and powerful antioxidant. So, drink this tea but in moderation.

You shouldn’t drink more than a liter per day.