Scientists Discovered: These 2 Ingredients Cure Even Breast Cancer

Scientists Discovered: These 2 Ingredients Cure Even Breast Cancer

Nov 17, 2015 / By : / Category : General

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It has been revealed that a combination of turmeric and black pepper can have a lot of positive effects on our health, and can be especially helpful in the fight against various illnesses, including breast cancer, according to the scientists from Michigan University.

The powerful health benefits of turmeric have been discovered a long time ago, however, if you consume it orally your liver metabolizes it quickly and your organism doesn’t have time to absorb it. That’s why it’s useful to know that you can combine it with black pepper, which will ease the absorption and allow you to take advantage of the numerous healthy properties in your fight against inflammation and infection. Moreover this combination can be used to prevent these diseases, not only treat them.

According to recent studies, the presence of piperine in black pepper combined with turmeric is very effective in the treatment and prevention of cancer. The piperin is the main factor that influences the absorption of curcumin from the turmeric; it makes it 1000 times easier to be absorbed. This makes the bioavailability of turmeric much higher. Moreover, it was revealed in a study published by the Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Journal that if we combine these two ingredients, the curcumin from turmeric and piperine from black pepper, the cancer stem cells can be completely eradicated.

Reduce pain and inflammation

Aside from cancer cells destruction, the piperine and curcumin affect up to 700 genes. They can fight off inflammation and infections because when combined they block the synthesis and activity of various enzymes, such as COX2 and 5-LOX, which play a role in the inflammation processes.

Weight loss

The most universal use of turmeric and black pepper would most definitely be in the weight loss department. It can be very effective in your efforts to lose weight because it can speed up the metabolism. It also makes you feel full and helps you burn more calories.

Natural antidepressant

If you add these two ingredients to your diet they can help you increase the serotonin and dopamine levels, which will make you feel happier, while block the activity of monoamine oxide, an enzyme which can make you feel depressed. So it can have anti-depressant properties, and is useful for people who suffer from depression.

The fun fact about black pepper and turmeric is that they go well with most foods, and if you enjoy vegetable juices or smoothies, it can be the perfect addition to your everyday meals.