Scientists Advise: Avoid These 7 Foods at All Costs and Eat THIS Instead


There’s been a lot of debate lately as to how nutritious and healthy is the food we consume. Namely, many products that are promoted as highly nutritive and health beneficial are in fact full of toxins that can do more damage than good to your health.

Read on to find out which foods should be avoided at all costs due to their high content of toxins and chemicals, and what to eat instead.

Scientists Advise Avoid These 7 Foods at All Costs and Eat THIS Instead

1# Nonorganic Potatoes

Potatoes, the most popular vegetable in the US, are treated with an abundance of chemicals throughout the entire farming process. As with other root vegetables, they are more prone to absorbing herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides that end up in soil. For things to get worse, potatoes are treated with chemicals even after they’re dug up so as to prevent them from sprouting.

What to eat instead:

Even if you try washing chemicals out, this isn’t enough as these have been absorbed into the flesh. Organic potatoes, which come at a price of only $1 to $2 a pound, are your best option.

2# Farmed Salmon

Farm-bred salmon, as opposed to wild-caught one, is fed on soy, poultry litter, and hydrolyzed chicken feathers, which results in lower vitamin D content. On the other hand, this salmon is higher in contaminants, including carcinogens, PCBs, brominated flame retardants, and pesticides such as dioxin and DDT. According to recent studies, DDT has been linked to diabetes and obesity. Plus, farm-raised salmon is treated with a plethora of antibiotics and pesticides which you inevitably ingest once you consume the fish.

What to eat instead:

Be aware that if the package says ‘fresh Atlantic’ it is actually farm-bred salmon due to the fact that there aren’t commercial fisheries for wild Atlantic salmon. Whenever possible, try to obtain wild-caught Alaska salmon.

3# Milk Produced With Artificial Hormones

To increase milk production, i.e. profit, milk manufacturers treat their dairy cattle with recombinant bovine growth hormone, or rBGH or also recognised as rBST, which can trigger udder infections and even pus in the milk. This hormone has also been linked to higher levels of another hormone in milk, called insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1. If ingested in higher amounts, in people, IGF-1 may lead to breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

What to eat instead:

You have several options here – to buy raw milk or check labels for these phrases, all of which indicate rBGH-free products: rBGH-free, rBST-free, produced without artificial hormones, or organic milk.

4# Canned Tomatoes

Not many people are aware that the resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A, which is a synthetic estrogen that can affect your health on many levels – it can cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even reproductive problems. Although most tin linings contain this harmful chemical, it is the acidity of tomatoes that causes BPA to leach into your food. According to research, the BPA levels in most people surpass the amount that reduces sperm production, or in animals, trigger chromosomal damage to the eggs.

What to eat instead:

The healthiest option is glass-bottled tomatoes as these do not contain resin linings.

5# Corn-Fed Beef

Cattle farmers normally feed their cattle on corn and soybean for faster weight gain, but this implies less nutrition for consumers. According to a recent comprehensive study carried out by the USDA and scientists from Clemson University which compared corn-fed beef with grass-fed beef, the latter is higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium; lower in inflammatory omega-6s; and lower in saturated fats linked to heart disease.

What to eat instead:

Whenever possible, look for grass-fed beef. You can normally obtain it at specialty grocers, farmers markets, and nationally at Whole Foods.

6# Microwave Popcorn

According to a recent study from UCLA, chemicals, such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), in the lining of the bag, have been linked to infertility in humans, whereas in animal trials, these chemicals cause liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. Although the chemicals are in the lining of the bag, heating the popcorn in a microwave causes the chemicals to evaporate and blend with the popcorn. The worst thing is that they stay in your body for years and accumulate there.

What to eat instead:

Make organic popcorn with pop organic kernels in a skillet. It may be a bit old-fashioned, but it’s far healthier. To enhance the flavor, use real butter or dried seasonings. For even more health-boosting popcorn, use coconut oil.

7# GMO Soy

Genetically engineered food poses a great health threat because it manipulates and binds DNA and genetic codes from one species to another. Sadly almost 90% of soy in the world is GMO. Long-term consumption incurs a number of health problems, especially in relation to hormonal balance and even cancer.

What to eat instead:

When buying soybean, always check labels to make sure it’s Non-GMO or organic. You can also ask your supplier to tell you the origin.