Save And Repair Your Vision With The Help Of Only One Ingredient

Save And Repair Your Vision With The Help Of Only One Ingredient

Mar 21, 2016 / By : / Category : General, Health, Healthy Food, Natural Remedies, Pain Releif

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Italian experts claim to have found the magic recipe for everlasting eagle-eye vision, especially effective for stopping and reversing vision loss due to aging. According to the study, conducted by a group of Italian medical experts, they have found which food can stop and prevent vision loss and may even have remarkable success in reversing macular degeneration, which happens as a result of the aging process. If the results of the study are confirmed, we have to say that this is amazing news and we hope that further research will be conducted and that all our worries about losing our vision as we age will become a thing of the past.Save And Repair Your Vision With The Help Of Only One Ingredient
Macular degeneration
Let’s first start with explaining what macular degeneration really is. It’s the main and most common cause for blindness, which I believe tells us how serious this condition is. The macula is located in the center of our eye and it’s the eye part responsible for the central field of vision. It usually degenerates as we get older but sometimes it can happen to young and healthy people as well. When the center of our visual field is damaged it’s usually a sign of macular degeneration.
At the beginning, before the condition develops, there are often no symptoms. With time, the majority of people start experiencing gradual worsening of the vision which can happen in just one or both eyes. Typically, your vision will become wavy and blurry and soon after a hole will appear right in the center of the vision field. Even though it doesn’t lead to complete blindness, the loss of central vision due to this condition makes it more difficult for people to recognize faces, drive, read or perform some other day-to-day activities. This condition is very common, more common than cataracts and glaucoma. This condition usually develops in older people, but it can happen to younger as well. Genetic factors play a role, and smoking can significantly aggravate the condition.
Macular degeneration and saffron
Do you use saffron? Do you know what it is? If the answer is no, from now on we believe this will change. Saffron is an Indian spice, orange in color, used a lot in Indian cuisine. If you are a fan of Indian food, you’ve probably tried saffron a million times. Why are we mentioning it now, you wonder? Well saffron has proven to be very beneficial for eye health and can cure a lot of eye vision issues. Here’s some good news for Indian food lovers!
Saffron can help you improve and protect your vision and all you have to do is eat Indian food on a regular basis. In addition to saffron, you should try to include more carrots in your diet, they’re also very good for your vision. That’s why you need to eat carrots every day.

The research
Medical experts from all over Italy joined in the study to find out a bit more about the health benefits of saffron and how this amazing spice can help you improve and protect your eyesight. They focused especially on how it can be beneficial for reversing the effects of macular degeneration.
The participants were divided into two groups; one was given 20mg of saffron every day for 3 months, while the other group was on placebo. 3 months later the participants were tested. The participants who consumed saffron had significantly improved their retina, previously damaged due to macular degeneration. The other group showed no results.
Saffron is very expensive
Saffron as a spice is very expensive, one of the most expensive spices. However, there are plenty of saffron supplements on the market which are cheaper but still have all the health benefits that the spice has. You can buy them on Amazon.
Natural ways to keep your eyes healthy
Mango is very beneficial when it comes to eye health. Just 3 serving a day can help you reduce your risk of macular degeneration by half. It’s rich in vitamin A and zeaxanthin, which are very important for good vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin are strong antioxidants which protect your eyes from high energy light sources, including UV rays.
Our eyes are very sensitive and that’s why we need to take good care of them. There are many conditions which can affect our eyesight and cause us problems in our everyday life such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Moreover, some of these conditions can have irreversible consequences so you need to be extra careful and do everything you can to protect your eyes. Eat all the right foods and take vitamin supplements. The vitamins we mentioned are crucial in preserving and improving your eyesight.
Here are the most important vitamins for eye health:
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin C
– Pro-vitamin A carotenoid
– Vitamin A ( lack of Vitamin A increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration)
– Bioflavonoids
– Lycopene (it can lower the chances of macular degeneration and it can prevent cancer)
– Lutein and zeaxanthin (strong antioxidants which lower the chances for developing macular degeneration and other eye problems)
In closure, you need to consume more foods which are good for your eyes if you want to prevent macular degeneration and improve your vision. Eat foods rich in vitamins E, A, C, lycopene, lutein and you’ll notice the positive effects soon.