Salt and oil: medicinal mixture … After its application, you will not feel pain for several years


Although neck osteochondrosis is serious condition it is still curable. This amazing recipe is recommended. After trying it you won’t feel pain for couple of years.

This recipe is how to prepare a mixture which should be used for a massage. It contains salt (sea salt can be used) and unrefined vegetable oil. The amount which is prepared is sufficient for the whole treatment. You will need 20 tablespoons of oil (sunflower or olive oil) and 10 tablespoons of salt.

Salt and oil medicinal mixture … After its application, you will not feel pain for several years


In a glass bottle put the olive oil and the salt and then close it tightly. After a few days you can use the mixture.


With massaging rub the mixture on the painful areas every morning. Start with 2-3 minutes long massage and every morning prolong the massage for another 2-3 minutes, until you reach 20 minutes long massage. Place wet and worm towel on the neck after you finish with the massage.

This treatment can cause minor skin irritation. That’s why you should wipe the skin with dry cloth and apply baby powder on the area.

With 10-day long treatment the cartilage and bone tissue is regenerated as well as the blood circulation is stimulated and the muscle tissue is improved.

Also headaches disappear, the vision improves and it improves the blood flow in the cervical spine as well. This happens due to toxin discharge and because of that the metabolism is normalized.

While the treatment lasts you can feel drowsiness or dizziness but it is not something which happens often. There are no other side-effects from this treatment and the results are amazing.