Rice –The Miraculous Age Eraser


Who doesn’t want to erase years off their face and look younger than their age? Well, the Japanese may be close to finding the magical youth potion.

This Japanese recipe will not only make you look younger, but it will also slow down premature aging. It’s based on rice, abundant in the whole class of B vitamins, which improve circulation, cell growth and repair and on top of all, prevent premature aging.

Women’s favorite, this rice mask provides smoother, lighter and more radiant skin even after the first application.

Rice –The Miraculous Age Eraser

What you need:

– 1 tbsp. warm milk,

– 2-3 tbsp. raw rice,

– 1 tbsp. honey.

What you do:

– cook the rice until soft,

– separate the rice water in a bowl,

– wash the rice,

– add 1tbsp. lukewarm milk to the rice,

– stir the mixture until blended and smooth,

– add the honey.

How to use it:

– apply the mask on a clean face and leave it for about 30 minutes,

– wash your face with the separated rice water afterwards.

Rice water has multiple skin benefits, including high antioxidant content which absorbs the harmful UV sun rays. Plus, it slows down melanin production, which on the other hand prevents the appearance of pigment spots and brightens the existing one. In addition, rice water binds with copper, which is very important as copper insufficiency results in loose skin and hair that come with age.

You can either keep rice water refrigerated for no more than 4 days or you can deep freeze it and use it as a face scrub.

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