Revolution in Weight Loss: Electric Pill For Losing Weight Has Been Discovered!


Electrical pill for weight loss is a revolutionary breakthrough that allows people to enjoy a meal without the risk of overeating and accumulation of excess weight.

Revolution in Weight Loss Electric Pill For Losing Weight Has Been Discovered!

This small revolution in the medical field started in Israel. The capsule uses an external magnet that locates it in a place to have the greatest effect on the stomach.

A wireless remote control that is compatible with iOS and Android devices, sends electronic stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract to reduce appetite.

The Pill works for a period of three weeks, and after that is disintegrated and discharged from the body.

Then it is necessary to swallow a new one to continue the process.

The researchers said that this will be a profitable solution that is easy to use and which can improve the quality of life for millions of obese people.