Remove This Life Threatening Plant from Your Home Right Now


House plants are commonly used either as a decoration or for health-related purposes. However, not all house plants are safe to have around the house as some can pose a real health threat.

Read on and find out why you need to be extra careful when choosing which plant to have in your house.

Remove This Life Threatening Plant from Your Home Right Now

One plant that is really dangerous to keep, especially with young children around, is Dieffenbachia or commonly called “dumb canes”. In fact, this plant contains a poisonous toxin known as raphides, which in smaller doses is not harmful to adults, but can be fatal to children. According to medical data, over 70% of hospitalized patients due to poisoning with this plant are children under 5.

Unfortunately, one family has suffered the tragedy of losing their toddler of 3 to this plant. Now the mother advises all parents to be very extra careful when choosing plants for their home. “I have recently lost my angel of 3 years, who mistakenly swallowed a leaf of this poisonous plant; her tongue swelled and prevented her from breathing. This poisonous plant snatched my daughter so I am warning everyone not to keep this and similar plants at home or else it can cost you the life of your loved one.”

When ingested in higher doses, this plant can kill a child in a minute or adults in a quarter of an hour.

If you already keep this plant at home, the best thing to do is isolate it from other plants or keep it out of reach of children. This plant can thrive in shade too. Anyway, be extra careful as even the slightest contact with this plant, including eye contact, can trigger inflammations, and even more severe consequences.

Via Health Adore