Relieve a Headache Instantly by Pressing This One Point on Your Hand


Headaches normally signalize that your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. What happens is that tension in the muscles of your head, neck and shoulders constricts the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the nerve cells in the brain, which results in a bad headache.

Instead of reaching for pain killers, you can try an acupressure method that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat headaches and effectively relieve the pain caused by this condition. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is based on acupuncture and acupressure, both of which are methods that treat illness and pain as symptoms of an interrupted flow of qi or energy. These methods work in a way that they retrieve the body’s qi or energy at the acupoints, the points where qi flows close to the surface, thus restoring it and eliminating the pain inflicted by qi misbalance.

Relieve a Headache Instantly by Pressing This One Point on Your Hand

Method 1

The point that best relieves headaches is known as “Hoku point.” This point is top of the hand, in the webbing where the thumb and index finger meet. To be sure that you’ve found the exact place where the point is bring your thumb and index finger together. The small bulge that appears is the Hoku point. To relieve a headache, put your thumb on the point and your index finger on the palm side of your hand. Squeeze the Hoku point while angling the pressure toward the bone that connects with the index finger. Hold the pressure for one minute before switching hands. Be cautious never to use the Hoku point during pregnancy.

Method 2

Another pain relief method includes pressing the GB20 points. What you do is firmly press the back of your neck below the base of your skull into the indentations on either side of the spine. Depending on the size of your skull, your thumbs should be 2-3 inches apart. Tilt your head back slowly while pressing beneath your skull. As with the previous method, hold for a minute or until your headache subsides.

Method 3

This method involves the Lv3 point. What you do apply pressure on the web between the big and second toes, near its end or where it joins together. Use both your hands to work both feet at the same time. Hold for one minute or until you feel pain relief.

Method 4

Tilting your head downward, place your index and middle fingers on the point right between your eyebrows. This is the GV24.5 or the place where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Hold the pressure for one minute or until the pain diminishes.

Method 5

Apply steady pressure on the GV20 point, which is the top of your head or where lines drawn to the top of the head from the ears and nose would intersect. Be cautious not to use this method if you suffer from hypertension.

Method 6

This method is about pressing the B2 point, which includes the indentations on either side of the nose or where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrows. Press this point using your thumb and index fingers.

Method 7

Gently press up below your cheekbones, just under the center of your eye; this is point St3. Use your middle and index fingers of both hands to work both sides at the same time.


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