(RECIPE) Save Your Feet: My Neighbor is 57 Years Old, She Uses This Remedy and Her Feet Are Like on a Young Girl!


If you have cracked heels and thick, rough skin on your feet this article will help you get silky smooth feet in just 10 days using just natural ingredients.RECIPE-Save-Your-Feet-My-Neighbor-is-57-Years-Old-She-Uses-This-Remedy-and-Her-Feet-Are-Like-on-a-Young-Girl

The problem with cracked heels is not just aesthetic; they can become a serious medical condition and cause pain if the cracks become deeper. They can also become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and get infected, causing more problems. That’s why it’s important to react on time and prevent further complications.

You’re probably wondering why this issue is so common, especially in women. It’s a result of the excess dead skin cells which leads to skin thickening and poor circulation and elasticity. Luckily for you, there is an easy solution for this; you just need a heel brush or stone and 5 minutes of your time. The best time to take care of your feet is right after you’ve showered, when the skin on your feet softens.

Once you’ve finished with the exfoliation you need to moisturize the skin on your feet, apply some oil and gently massage them, using circular motions. You can also mix up some home remedy, using natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Olive oil and coconut oil are very beneficial because they contain plenty of nutrients which nourish and moisturize your skin.

Here’s a simple recipe which will help you get your feet looking 20 years younger in just 10 days.


  • 10 tablets of aspirin (300 mg),
  • 70% medicinal alcohol or 250 ml brandy.

Crush the aspirin tablets into fine powder and mix it with the brandy. Leave the mixture for a day or two, shaking it every evening to get a homogenous ointment.

After a few days the remedy is ready for use. Take a piece of gauze and soak it in the mixture then apply it on your affected areas. Then wrap your feet with plastic wrap and put on a pair of sock on top. Sleep with your feet wrapped overnight and wash them with some warm water in the morning. Pat dry them and apply some moisturizer or glycerin.

You’ll notice that just after 10 days your feet will become soft and the rough skin and cracks will disappear completely.

This recipe is good for painful varicose veins as well. Massage the painful areas with this mixture and the pain will slowly fade away.

Recipe no 2


  • 5-6 crushed aspirins
  • Lemon juice

Mix the crushed aspirins with some lemon juice until you get a thick paste. Apply the paste on your feet and wrap it with a piece of plastic wrap and put on a pair of socks. Leave the mixture on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with a sponge or pumice stone.