A Real Miracle! This Homemade Remedy Can Cure Cracked Heels, Calluses and Varicose Veins – In Just 10 Days!


Aside from being an aesthetic issue, cracked heels can also cause a lot of pain, especially when the cracks are deep or bleeding. This also creates perfect grounds for fungal and bacterial infections, which cause additional pain and discomfort. However, a low-cost home remedy can be extremely beneficial for treatment of this issue. In fact, this 2-ingredient mixture will also eliminate corns and calluses, blisters, and other heel issues in just 10 days. On the plus side, this mixture is quite simple to make and use.

A Real Miracle! This Homemade Remedy Can Cure Cracked Heels, Calluses and Varicose Veins – in Just 10 Days!


As we mentioned above, cracked heels are much more than just an esthetic issue. If left untreated, they become deeper and more painful; they often bleed too. Cracked heels are also more susceptible to infections as the cracks are open for dirt to accumulate.

On the other hand, callous skin on the feet is normally the result of accumulation of dead skin cells, which in turn leads to poor circulation and elasticity. One of the best methods to remove this thick skin is definitely a pumice stone or a file, preferably after having a shower as the skin on your feet is softer then. You should avoid using sharp objects, such as knives or scalpels as you may end up removing too much skin and possibly cause an infection.

The next step you take after eliminating the dead skin cells off your feet is moisturize and nourish the skin on your feet. This also speeds up recovery. For this, you don’t need expensive commercial foot care products. Namely, some kitchen staples, such as olive and coconut oil, can be as effective. Just apply some oil on your heels massaging gently until it gets well-absorbed into the skin. Do this after the pumice stone treatment.

If, however, your heels are badly cracked and hurting, the following recipe is just what you need. It comprises only 2 easily available ingredients:

– 10 aspirin tablets (300mg), and

– 250ml Brandy or 70% rubbing alcohol.


Start by crushing the aspirins to get aspirin powder. Mix the powder with 250ml brandy (or 70% rubbing alcohol). Leave the mixture for 2-3 days in order to blend well.

The ideal time to do the treatment is before going to bed. What you do is shake the mixture first as the aspirin powder may sink at the bottom then soak some clean gauze in it. Apply the wet gauze on your heels or the entire foot, if it’s affected. Next, put some wrapping foil over the gauze then a pair of socks on top. Let it act overnight. In the morning, wash your foot with warm water, towel-dry and apply some nourishing skin cream or glycerin.

You will need approximately 10 treatments to improve the condition of your feet. To keep the skin on your feet free of calluses and corns, regularly use a brush or a pumice stone. And don’t forget to apply some nourishing foot cream afterwards.

Note: this recipe is also highly beneficial for relieving pain caused by varicose veins (varicosities) and osteochondritis. To ease the pain, massage the affected areas with this mixture.

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