Put Your Baby to Sleep Under 60 Seconds Using This Simple Trick


Sometime it feels like no matter what you do, but the baby won’t sleep. You have tried lullabies, gave car ride, but still nothing has worked. If you have went through this situation then below mention is the method by which your baby will sleep without causing trouble for you. There is a chance you haven’t tried this.


It is a simple technique that involve soft tissue. You just have to gently glide tissue over your baby’s eyes, and that is it.

You have to repeat this process continuously, and you will see baby eventually falling asleep. In most of the cases, it only takes 1 minute to go asleep, but in your case it may take longer, then go through below mention detail.

Why this trick will work for you?

It can’t be judged what makes them fall asleep by using this technique, but tissue encourage them to close eyes multiple times, and finally baby sleeps soundly. There are many reasons for why a baby sleep after applying this trick. There may be flow of air on face, tissue may seems mesmerizing, and it may feel soothing. There are various reasons, but most important is your baby is sleeping.

What if this doesn’t work?

There isn’t anything certain, but chances are that it will not work. After all babies are finicky, they are not easy to be tricked. There could be many reasons why your baby is not sleeping, some of them are as under.

Checkout few important points as under:

  • Make sure to limit eye contact with your baby when you want them to sleep. Eye contact is stimulating because baby may think, you are going to play. It may be difficult to turn your attention even for a second, but try to resist to let your baby fall asleep.
  • Bath is one of the factors you should keep in consideration. Make sure the water is warm, be calm, and try not to splash water.
  • Make sure room temperature is cool because this is one of the reason for them to fall asleep. Make temperate between 60F to 70F. You need to set perfect temperature for them
  • Massage frequently because it is best for your baby’s health. Make sure baby nap too often otherwise, falling asleep will become difficult. Yes, napping is good for them.
  • Story telling is one of the best method. You can just start with fairy tales and all sorts of things. This will make them smart and intelligent.