Purify Your Blood And Clean Your Blood Vessels With This Natural Remedy

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  1. umm juice says:

    Is there a non alcoholic option?

    1. Denise McQuaig says:

      Very interested in knowing if there is a non alcohol recipe. We are recovering alcoholics

  2. pita estancia says:

    Thanks for sharing…must try this

    1. Mazo says:

      @ Umm juice: pure red grape juice might do as well instead of red wine. Your thoughts?

  3. Atipon Saransate M.D. says:

    Do you have any references? Do you have datas of blood test before and after the course of this remedies? I think it is very interesting.

  4. ajay singh says:

    good to know about these healthy medications, when we can keep ourselfs healthy with home made remedies why pop in a pill

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