How Do You Properly Take Care Of Your Vagina?

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When it comes to taking care of your intimate parts many women make certain cardinal mistakes. Your vagina is perfectly able to take good care of herself and needs just a little bit of help and nothing more. That’s why women often experience itching, vaginal discharge, infections and rashes in their northern regions, they tend to overdo it and later regret it. Here are a few basic rules about vaginal care you need to follow if you want to have a healthy vagina.How-Do-You-Properly-Take-Care-Of-Your-Vagina

Leave the inside of your vagina alone

Your vagina can clean herself up on her own just fine, it doesn’t need any help. It maintains its special pH balanced environment, thanks to the lactobacillus bacteria that resides there.

Rinse it only with water

Gels and douches for intimate care are not recommended by gynecologists which is why you need to forget about them. They contain fragrances, chemicals and different ingredients which do more harm than good. Wash your intimates with warm water only.

Be careful with the soap

From time to time you need to wash your intimate parts with soap as well, but you need to choose one that suits this need. For example, many gynecologists recommend olive oil soap because it doesn’t disrupt your pH balance or dry the skin.

Rinse it once a day

Your vagina is very sensitive so if you tend to wash it too often it can get irritated and itchy. Once a day, usually before going to bed is just enough.

Don’t steam clean it

Steam cleaning the northern region has become very popular lately even though doctors advise strongly against it. It can damage your vagina so you need to stop doing it.

Don’t use gloves or sponge

It’s not a good idea to use gloves or a sponge because they can damage the mucus membrane so wash your intimates with your hands only.