The Most Powerful Anti-Cancer Kernel Known on Planet Earth (It’s Not Microwave Popcorn!)

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As surprising as it sounds, the most important findings in human history have happened accidentally. One such case was in the early 1950s with the biochemist, Ernest Krebs, who was studying the function of cancer cells. His work led him to an even more important discovery – a possible cure to cancer!

During his research, Krebs studied the everyday habits of the Hunzas, a tribe that resides near Northern Pakistan. Examining their lifestyle made him start believing that cancer develops as a metabolic reaction to a poor diet and unhealthy living habits.

The Most Powerful Anti-Cancer Kernel Known on Planet Earth (It’s Not Microwave Popcorn!)

The Hunzas had been mentioned earlier in the reports of Major Sir Robert McCarrison, who worked with the Indian Medical Service in the 1930s. According to his reports, this tribe lived in a perfect body and mind harmony, and enjoyed remarkable physical and mental health. The best confirmation of this is that some of these people lived over 135. Plus, this tribe has never suffered from serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart attacks or cancer.

The key to this was the lifestyle of this tribe, who lived as nomads and herders. It’s this way of living that included a lot of physical activity, as well as a simple, yet healthy diet.

In his records, McCarrison wrote that the Hunzas’ diet included raw milk, occasional meat and bone broth, fresh grains and vegetables. Their total sugar intake was almost zero.

The most interesting aspect of their unique lifestyle was the fact that they included a lot of apricot seed kernels in their daily diet. It’s this that fascinated Krebs, who started studying the medicinal properties of apricots only to discover that they contained a compound, amygdalin, he believed accounted for cancer prevention.

Namely, more than 1,200 edible plants in nature contain amygdalin, but apricot seed kernels have the highest content along with the most beneficial accompanying enzymes.

Dr. Krebs extracted a substance, laetrile, which was a form of amygdalin, from apricot kernels. The chemical structure of amygdalin, which is a nitriloside, is very similar to that of a B complex vitamin, so Krebs named it B17.

There are four active ingredients in amygdalin or laetrile from apricot kernels, two of which are benzaldehyde and cyanide. It’s cyanide that makes apricot kernels even more beneficial for treatment of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Cyanide is also found in various healthy foods, such as bitter almonds, millet, sprouts, lima beans, spinach and bamboo shoots. These are safe to eat just because cyanide remains “locked” within the substance, so it’s harmless when bound with other molecular formations.

Plus, the body has a natural protective mechanism in the form of rhodanese, an enzyme that identifies any free cyanide molecules in the body and incapacitates them.

There’s another enzyme in the body that can unlock the cyanide and benzaldehyde in amygdalin molecules – beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is only found in cancer cells.

What this enzyme in cancer cells does is unlock an amygdalin molecule creating a toxic synergy that targets cancer cells. Owing to the presence of rhodanese and other protective enzymes, the healthy cells are not at danger.

Laetrile may be a powerful cancer cure!

Laetrile is no longer available since it was banned by the FDA in the US in 1971. But, although you can’t find it over-the-counter, you can easily ingest it by consuming apricot kernels. On the other hand, these are inexpensive and easily attainable at health food stores or online.

B17 or laetrile therapy is still administered in some clinics outside the US. Also, laetrile is often combined with other therapies, like sodium bicarbonate.

Important: It’s highly recommended to consult a doctor before considering laetrile or B17 therapy. The thing is you must get well acquainted with proper dosage and possible side-effects. Also, there’s sometimes a possibility of combining this therapy with other treatments.

Finally, never underestimate the power of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular activity, a well-balanced, healthy diet and minimized exposure to stress. When you combine all these aspects into your everyday life, you’ll be on the right track to a healthy and log life.

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