Potions That Slow Aging


We spend a lot of money daily to look younger. Very few people use nature to accomplish this mission. We give you five drinks that will help you to keep your good looks.

Water is the most important drink during the day because it helps to eject the toxins of the body , it makes the skin moist and shiny, and slows aging. Lately very popular is the green tea, which is not miraculous, but has a strong impact on the health and appearance.Green Tea

Polyphenolic antioxidants , which can be found in green tea help in maintaining healthy and beautiful appearance, lush hair and skin without wrinkles, so it is recommended to drink 2 -4 cups per day.

Tomato juice is also rich in antioxidants , especially with the very effective lycopene, which keeps skin nourished and beautiful. Also, tomatoes improves digestion.

Hot cocoa is good for the heart and skin, as scientists claim to have more antioxidants than caffeine, red wine or green tea. Once a day you can make yourself a cup of hot cocoa to satisfy your need for sweet,but also to do something for your looks and health.

Finally, the favorite drink for all who say that is recommend by a doctor

Wine. Consumption in limited quantities  protects  the heart, give a youthful appearance and prolongs life. Llimit your intake to one cup per day.