This Popular Drink Destroys Your Thyroid. Do You Drink It?


Do you drink soy milk? Many people believe it is a much healthier option than regular milk since it has even been recommended by many nutritionists for regular consumption, but the claim that it’s good for your health is far from the truth. It has lately been discovered that soy milk can have a detrimental effect on your health and even though mounting evidence support this claim Americans continue consuming soy and soy milk believing it’s healthy and nutritious. Let’s look at some of the facts why soy milk can wreak havoc on your organism and destroy your health.What-Destroys-Your-Thyroid-Gland-and-How-To-Treat-it-With-This-Recipe3


    • Soybeans contain hemagglutinin, a substance which causes clots, and this leads to red blood cells clumping.
    • This plant contains plant estrogens as well, AKA phytoestrogens, which inhibit endocrine function and have been linked to breast cancer and infertility in women.
    • Soy foods are known to abound in toxic aluminum, which has a damaging effect on the kidneys, the nervous system and have also been related to the incidence of Alzheimer’s.
    • Soybeans are rich in natural toxins known as “antinutrients” and drinking just 2 glasses of soy milk a day can negatively affect the menstrual cycle in women.
  • You should also know that in the production process the delicate soy proteins are exposed to high temperatures, with the purpose of producing textured vegetable protein and soy protein isolate which poses a serious threat to your health.
  • Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of soy increases your body’s need of vitamin D and B12.
  • Have you heard of toxic isoflavones? Soy abounds in them, but you need to know that some of these isoflavones, like daidzein and genistein may trigger existent breast cancer growth which is especially dangerous for patients suffering from breast cancer.
  • 99% of soy is GMO, as it is one of the mostly pesticide- contaminated food.
  • Soy contains a compound similar to vitamin B12 which your body is unable to process. Consuming soy products may lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Soy and soy products contains large amounts of phytic acid, which prevents the digestion of copper, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Carrageenan in Soy Milk

A number of scientific studies have shown that the food grade carrageenan in soy milk can cause lesions, ulcerations, gastrointestinal inflammation, and colon cancer in lab rats, which is quite concerning. Moreover, according to the American Diabetes Association, a recent research has revealed a link between the use of food-grade carrageenan and glucose and insulin resistance in mice.

All of the abovementioned facts should be enough to convince you that soy and soy products have an extremely detrimental effect on your overall health which is why you need to stop consuming them immediately.