She Planted These Tea Bags In Her Garden, And What Happened Is Beyond Incredible

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A nice cup of tea is certainly the best way to start your day with. But, did you know that the used tea bag can be used in a number of amazing ways?

There are countless ways of using tea bags:

1.Black tea is rich in tannic acid which is very effective in soothing sunburns.

11952. Put your used black tea bags in a container and store them in the fridge for a couple of days. Afterwards, use the bags to reduce the under eye puffiness.


3. The same bags can also be used to soothe small burns.


4.You can use the tea for a rinse.


5.Green tea bags can help you get rid of warts.


6.Dry tea bags can be used to eliminate shoe odor.


7.The tannic acid contained in the tea bags can lower the pH in the soil and help your plants grow free from fungus.


8.You can make removing grime easier by simply soaking a tea back in your dishes.


9.Use a cooled tea and a rag to clean your mirror.


10.Tea bags are great for removing the odor from your hands after chopping onions.


11.Tea bags can be used as gauze after oral surgery and can help in relieving pain.