Pickle Juice is The New “Magic” Remedy For Pretty Much Everything.. Here Are 8 Reasons Why


We should be consuming two ounces of this magic remedy every day.

Here’s why:

Pickle juice is full of the probiotics that exactly match what our guts need,and with the exact electrolytes that our bodies need. We’re not talking about the sweet kind of pickle juice, but the dill one. Here are just a few pickle juice cures that Dr. Oz is recommending for a variety of issues:Pickle juice is the new “magic” remedy for pretty much everything.. Here are 8 reasons why

Have Heartburn?
We know that it sounds crazy! But the vinegar contained in pickle juice can actually aid with heartburn. Before every meal take a sip and feel the difference.

How’s that Hangover?
It turned out that Steven’s nightly pickles are quite helpful with a possible hangover the next morning. Pickle juice helps to get your sodium levels back to where they need to be, as alcohol leaves you feeling dehydrated. It doesn’t hurt to take a sip before you go to bed, but it’s probably best to drink it before you head out for the night.

To prevent Restless Leg Syndrome:

Now what we have here is more of a home remedy that has not been studied yet, but many sufferers report that after consuming a few ounces of pickle juice before bed and sleeping without the leg kicking that normally keeps them awake. If or how it works has not yet been studied, but many different people use it as a treatment.

How’s your tennis game?
Experts are saying that you can actually improve your performance, before exercising or before a big tennis match witha slug of pickle juice.

To relieve Sunburn:

There are multiple reports of blotting sunburns with pickle juice, stating that the vinegar really helps remove the burn sensation out of the sunburn.  This has not been reallystudied at all, but we are not sure how it would be soothing to burned skin, other than by replacing and rejuvenating some fluids that may be lost through the skin burn.  But, if you are without oatmeal, aloe, or any other form of soothing relief, you may want to try the pickle juice!

As a Sports Drink:

Many athletes believe that the sodium in pickle juice is very helpful in replenishing the bodies electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise, not much unlike Gatorade, or any other sports drink. Some studies have shown that when sports related cramps are present,drinking pickle juice, willrelieve them under 85 seconds, which is 45 seconds faster than water. Pickle juice along with sodium, contains vinegar and calcium chloride which makes it more acidic, and easier for your body to absorb in that state.

Do you have cramps?
Whether you’ve just run a marathon (or chased your kid around the playground) or you’re suffering from PMS, cramps are no fun – and no joke. Drinking ¼ cup of pickle juice will have them cured in about 90 seconds or less. Guaranteed.

To Aid a Sick Stomach:

This is also a home remedy, and it has not been studied, but apparently people used to ingest honey and vinegar frequently to help a sick stomach (including heartburn) and those are two ingredients in many pickling agents, so ingesting pickle juice may give you the honey and vinegar people are looking to soothe their stomach aches. There are many reports that it makes people feel much better and relieved.

Are there Side Effects?

There are no known side effects to drinking pickle juice, but if you have a family history of gout, ingesting a lot of the acidic pickles or pickle juice can cause a build up of uric acid in your joints, which can be quite painful.  Other than gout, as long as you don’t have to be on a low sodium diet for renal or cardiac issues, you should be pretty safe drinking the pickle juice.

So, to summarize, the only real research that promotes the ingestion of pickle juice is for cramping related to fluid loss and electrolyte from strenuous exercise.  All other reasons may be perfectly true and valid, but they have not been researched and tested…and after reading this article your parents might ground you if they smell pickles on your breath after a party! All in all feel safe drinking that pickle juice, it really won’t harm you. If you do take medications and have any medical issues, you may want to check with your doctor before adding this magic remedy in your daily diet.

Source: nifymag.com