Here Is What Your Periods Are Saying About Your Health!

Here Is What Your Periods Are Saying About Your Health!

Apr 18, 2016 / By : / Category : General, Health

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  1. Light flow indicates you may have pituitary gland or thyroid issue

If you’re taking contraceptive pills it’s normal for your period to be light pink in color and to have a lighter flow, and that’s the only exception. If you’re not taking them and you still notice lighter flow it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance which is a serious condition. According to Adelaide Nardone, a doctor from Brown University, a light flow could be an indicator of a thyroid or pituitary gland disorder, or even a sign that you’re suffering from Mullerian anomaly (disorder that causes a malformed hymen that might impede with your menstrual blood flow. Schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist to determine what’s causing it.

  1. Cervical or uterine polyps can cause sudden bleeding throughout periods

The only time bleeding is normal is during your cycles, and if you notice bleeding between them you should visit a doctor. He may tell you that it’s a normal if you’re on the pill, but if you’re not it may be a sign of a number of things. For example, it may be connected to elevated estrogen levels or a result of fibroids, cervical or uterine polyps and even cancer. That’s why it’s important to consult a doctor and see what’s causing it.

  1. If you suffer from severe and unbearable cramps which last for a couple of days then you must consult your doctor

Cramps and unusually long cycles are a warning sign and shouldn’t be ignored. Contrary to popular belief this is not normal and you need to see your gynecologist immediately. It may be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

  1. If your menstrual cycle is late and it’s not due to pregnancy, you are most likely having hormonal imbalance.

If your period is late it could be that you’re pregnant. But if you’re not pregnant and your period is late it may be a sign of insulin resistance or diabetes. Dr. Daniela Carusi, a director of General Gynecology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston says that if your period is late it may mean that you have irregular ovulations or PCOS. If you’re overweight it may mean that you have a severe hormonal imbalance. Whatever the case may be, you should see your gynecologist.

  1. Color of your period

If the color of your menstrual discharge is cranberry red it means that everything is fine, nothing to worry. Any other color could indicate an estrogen imbalance which is why you need to consult a doctor.