Pay Attention to These Very Important Signs Your Body Sends to You!


The signals our body sends us are sometimes indicators of serious health issues. Although we generally disregard them as unimportant, some of these should be taken quite seriously.

Pay particular attention to your face, skin and hair. If these symptoms appear, don’t waste any time, but consult your doctor immediately:

Pay Attention To These Very Important Signs Your Body Sends To You!

1.Greying hair before 40

If 50% of your hair turns grey before you turn 40, this could be a warning of diabetes.

2.Thinning eyebrows

If your eyebrows are thinning, this could be a sign of thyroid dysfunction.

3.The whites of your eyes are not purely white

Although this may signalize tiredness, when your whites start turning yellow, it could be an indicator of jaundice.

4.Wrinkled ears

Wrinkles on your ears could point to heart disease.

5.Cracked lips

If your lips are often cracked, this could signalize a deficiency in vitamin B or zinc. If this persists for a longer period, it could imply a yeast infection.

6.Big breasts

According to one Canadian study, women with larger breasts are at a higher risk of diabetes.

7.Red palms

Red palms could be a warning sign of liver disease.

8.Poor nail quality

Your nail health is very important and if your nails have had poor quality for long, you might be suffering from kidney malfunction or anemia.

9.Cold feet

If your feet are often cold, it means that you have poor circulation or cardiovascular problems.

10.Swollen neck

Thyroid disorders are normally manifested with swallowing of the neck, which generally appears in women between 20 and 50.

Source: Healthy Food Help