Oregano and Rosemary Lower Blood Sugar and Prevent Diabetes


Diabetes is one of those medical conditions which are spreading with an immense rate. You can understand it by facts and figures. Between the years 1980 and 2011, diabetes ratio accelerated with 176 percent. Fortunately, with the research and development in the field, specialists found out that diabetes can be cured and treated by the help of herbs. Oregano and rosemary are playing a vital role in that.


Safe Way to Treat Diabetes without any Prescription:

Both the herbs have enzyme called dipeptidyl peptidase IV. When this substance goes in the body of a human body, secretes insulin automatically. Along with it, protein tyrosine phosphates also play a vital role in treating diabetes.

Helpful Possessions of Oregano and Rosemary:

Oregano and rosemary are most effective when they are utilized fresh. However, if you don’t have the accessibility to it and can’t get it easily, try using it in the dry form. Dried ones are readily available in market. Both the forms; dry and fresh are good in curing diabetes.

Polyphenols are found higher in the green house produced oregano and rosemary. This was concluded after the study of both; green house and commercially produced oregano and rosemary. Moreover, it’s lucky of us to know that even commercial ones are good in lowering sugar level in the blood.

Inflammation Targeted by Polyphenol in Rosemary and Oregano:

Phytochemicals helped in the elimination of diabetes to a bigger extent. Gallic acid found in these two herbs has abundance of chemo-preventive, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties. This substance also known for its efficiency of antioxidant.

In short, both the herbs have ample of volatile oils (cineol, borneol and camphene), antioxidants C and A.

Mitigation of Reasoning Deterioration:

Rosemary has effects which are beneficent and are majorly not restricted to the deterioration of diabetes but also reduce stress in certain parts of the brain. Rosemary elevates the cognitive process which reduces with time.

Special Credit:healthy-holistic-living.com