One Simple Shampoo Which Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will Be Jealous Of Your Shine and Volume


There’s no doubt, your hair is the most prominent feature on your face. However, regular hair treatments such as blow-drying, straightening, and dyeing significantly affect your hair quality making it appear dry and damaged. If your hair is starting to lose its shine and volume, we offer an efficient DIY recipe that stops hair loss and supports healthy hair growth.

On the plus side, it only takes a couple of uses for first results to be seen, and if you continue using it for a month, your hair quality will improve significantly.


  • 750ml plain nettle shampoo
  • 100ml aqueous solution of panthenol
  • 30ml nettle drops
  • 30ml aqueous solution of AD drops
  • 50ml castor oil
  • 2 ampoules vitamin B


Mix all ingredients into a 1l bottle. Shake well so that the ingredients blend completely.

Apply on your hair and scalp as when you normally wash your hair. Massage gently. Leave it on for several minutes then rinse your hair.

Alternatively, you can use a dry hair mask, but this isn’t compulsory because the DIY shampoo already contains castor oil, nettle and AD drops that target hair dryness.

Don’t forget to shake well before each use.

One Simple Shampoo Which Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will Be Jealous Of Your Shine and Volume

Including nettle tea into your diet is also recommended because this tea increases your blood count along with balancing your hormonal levels, both of which lead to hair loss.

What makes this shampoo so efficient?

The amazing health benefits of this shampoo are the result of the strong medicinal properties of its ingredients, which combined together, provide a true vitamin boost for your hair and scalp.

Nettle: This plant is one of the best natural remedies for hair and scalp health. For one thing, it improves blood flow into the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.

Panthenol: The pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, supports hair regeneration and healthy scalp.

Castor Oil: Rich in ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, castor oil is another great natural remedy that supports healthy hair growth. Plus, its antibacterial and antifungal properties prevent scalp bacteria proliferation as well as formation of dandruff.

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