One of The Biggest Medical Breakthroughs – Lemon and Soda!

One of The Biggest Medical Breakthroughs – Lemon and Soda!

Mar 04, 2016 / By : / Category : Fruits, General, Health, Natural Remedies

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Pharmaceutical companies don’t want to admit this but natural remedies can sometimes be much stronger than drugs and expensive medical treatments. Bu if they admit it how can they profit from it? Natural ingredients are everywhere around us and are cheap and readily available, we just need to learn how to properly use them.

One simple example is the amazing combination of lemon and baking soda which in some cases has proven to be more effective than chemotherapy, and it has no side-effects. People are unaware of the power of this incredible mixture because the big companies want to keep it a secret and have so far been successful at it.

Lemons are powerful anti-carcinogenic agents and have a number of other useful properties. They are very effective in the treatment of cysts and tumors as well.One of The Biggest Medical Breakthroughs – Lemon and Soda!

Here are just a few of the many other benefits of this amazing fruit:

    • Fights off bacteria
    • Fights off viruses
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Improves digestion
    • Rich in vitamin C
    • Eliminates intestinal worms
    • Very efficient for liver detox – stimulate its function.
    • Balances your pH values – The acid and alkaline properties of lemons help restore and balance the body’s pH levels.
    • Powerful against the cold, flu or fever– The high amount of vitamin C aids boosts the body’s immune system and fights off viruses.
    • Keeps your high blood pressure under control – It’s rich in potassium which benefits the heart and helps control high blood pressure.

  • Boosts weight loss – They speed up your metabolism and increase the function of glutathione.
  • Cleans your teeth – If you rub your teeth with a lemon peel it will help clean your teeth and kill bad bacteria in your mouth. (Don’t use it too regularly because the acid can destroy your enamel).
  • Eliminates toothaches– If you have a toothaches just squeeze a bit of lemon juice on the painful spot, it will sooth the pain
  • Great against acne– Since it has powerful antibacterial properties it’s an excellent natural remedy for acne and blackheads.

All of these benefits are amazing but the most amazing thing about all citrus fruits is that they can fight cancer. According to recent studies all citrus fruits, but especially lemons, can prevent and in some cases even cure cancer. And when you add baking soda to the mix you regulate your body’s pH levels and prevent the cancer from spreading.

Case Studies

The most recent proof which supports these claims comes from Europe. A recent control-study confirmed that if you eat 4 or more portions (150gr) of lemon a week you can reduce the chances for developing cancer. It will lower the risk of throat cancer by 58 %, oral/pharyngeal cancer by 53 %, stomach cancer by 31 %, and colorectal cancer by 18 %. The study didn’t find a connection between high intake of lemons and lowered risk of breast cancer, but an American study claims otherwise. According to them, women who consume 75 grams of grapefruit a day (fruit or juice) have a lower risk of breast cancer by 22%, if they had never used hormone-substitute therapy. It has to be remembered that this positive effect on your organism comes from an average consumption of 525-600gr. of lemons per week, which means that this is how much you need to consume to keep cancer at bay, or prevent metastasis.

On the other hand, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) alkalizes your body and prevents the cancer from spreading to other organs. The Cancer Research published a study in 2009 which revealed that alkalizing the area around the tumor can reduce the number of metastasis in certain cases. An even more recent study, which is still underway, from the University of Arizona Cancer Center will look into the effect of baking soda on patients suffering from breast cancer and is hopeful that it will yield positive results.