One Big Mistake You Do in Your Car That May Kill You


Each time you sit in your car and turn on the motor, you put at risk your and the health of those with you.
Generally, all people leave the car outside with the windows closed. If you park the car in a shade, it can amass 400-800 mg of benzene. In case you leave your car in the sun (in temperature higher than 16 degrees Celsius) the benzene level can achieve 2000-4000 mg, which is 40 times higher than the allowed level.

One Big Mistake You Do in Your Car That May Kill You
Then, you sit in your car with windows closed and you breathe in all that benzene which can destroy your liver, kidneys and bone tissue.
If your vehicle is manual, you should open the windows before turning on the A/C.
Medical explanation:
Numerous analyzed have found that before the aeration begins to cool the air, the cooling system launches all the warmed ventilate, along with the benzene which can be extremely toxic.
Therefore, it is recommended that you open the windows for a couple of minutes and enjoy the cool air from the A/C. Additionally, you should leave the windows open for a few minutes more before starting your car.