Oh My God! She Lost 40 Pounds, Drinking Lukewarm Water, See How


One of the best weight loss regimens has been proposed by pharmacist Sumiko and her husband Hitoshi. With this weight loss plan Sumiko has managed to drop 40 pounds of her weight. What makes this method so appealing is that it’s very simple to use, yet extremely effective.

You start your day by eating a banana in the morning and drinking luke-warm water during the day. The desired results can be seen in only two weeks. You can also eat another banana for breakfast, but be careful not go over the board. If bananas are not something that you relish, simply choose another fruit.

If you are still very hungry, wait for 15 minutes, then have light breakfast or a small portion of whatever you want.

Having lunch and dinner is also allowed, but you should never eat after 6 pm. Fried foods are also something you should stay away from.

The most important thing about this diet is drinking lukewarm water in small sips.

You can also consider having a dessert, a chocolate or some biscuits for example, 15 hours after breakfast.


This is one menu we recommend:

BREAKFAST: a grapefruit, a scrambled egg, a banana, a cup of green tea

LUNCH: carrots, 2 boiled eggs, onions, broccoli, a large lettuce and tomato salad serving

SNACK: a handful of nuts, yoghurt

DINNER: potatoes or cooked carrots, chicken breast

Watch the video below for additional weight loss tips.

Via supertastyrecipes.com