If You Notice Somebody With This Ear Piercing, It Means This…


A number of people around the world are constantly looking for alternative and natural ways for treating different health issues. They avoid using the prescribed medications since they are expensive and usually do more harm than good. Therefore, they opt for natural homeopathic remedies that can effectively treat their health conditions. One of the most effective treatment methods is auricular acupuncture.

If You Notice Somebody With This Ear Piercing, It Means This…

This method has the ability to treat chronic headache and people have found that specific type of ear piercing can significantly relieve migraine pain.

This treatment has a lot in common with reflexology, a method which involved stimulation of a reflex point to treat health issues in specific body parts. Auricular acupuncture is based on stimulation of different parts of the ear either manually, by pressing certain points with your fingertips, or by using needles. One of the major acupuncture points on the ear is located exactly where the daith piercing is done. Daith piercing has been present for thousands of years, but it wasn`t until the 1990s (when they were in fashion) that they finally were given a name.

A daith piercing is a piercing in the inner cartilage fold of the ear. The ring ends up running through a pressure point which is commonly targeted by acupuncturists and has similar effects of acupuncture. One of the major effects is migraine pain relief. When piercing this area, there is a stimulation of the surrounding blood vessels and nerves, causing them to release endophorin and other chemicals that regulate pain. Therefore, a number of people have done daith piercing to treat chronic headache. They experienced less frequent or intense headaches and migraines.

Daith piercing is a simple procedure and costs between $50-100. So, if you have problems with headache and migraines, this is the perfect solution for you.

Source: healthherbs365.com