No One Knows That Toxic Mold Is Hiding In Their Washing Machine! Here’s How To Get Rid Of It


If you’ve noticed that your clothes are giving off unpleasant moldy smell after being washed, it’s time to give your washing machine a check-up. The thing is washing machines are prone to accumulating bacteria, thus giving your clothes the completely opposite effect than cleaning and disinfecting them.

Mold In Your Washing Machine


Washing machines, especially front loaders as they have an air-tight rubber seal to prevent moisture from leaving the washing machine, provide a warm, moist environment for bacteria-laden mold to grow in. But, you are wrong if you think that the moldy smell is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Mold can trigger a number of health issues, particularly in people with weakened immune system or those prone to allergies. For one thing, mold exposure can lead to common allergenic symptoms such as congestion, itchy eyes, wheezing or skin irritation. In more serious cases of allergy sensitivity, mold can cause more severe reactions such as fevers, shortness of breath or even mold infections in the lungs.

How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Mold

There are two ways you can get rid of mold in your washing machine. One is to use commercial mold cleaners laden with harsh chemicals that are equally harmful for your respiratory system and other organs as mold is. The other one is to use a homemade mold cleaner that is just as strong and effective as store-bought ones.

Here we provide a 2-ingredient recipe for a strong and effective antifungal and disinfectant that’s completely natural and free of chemicals.

Vinegar is the first ingredient you use. This common kitchen ingredient is one of the most effective natural antifungal agents. Plus, it’s quite low cost and doesn’t give any negative effects upon your health, which makes it more beneficial than commercial antifungals in terms of efficiency and safety.

Lemon juice is another strong all-natural antifungal and antibacterial substance. It’s also a great water disinfectant. Aside from disinfecting your washing machine from mold, it will also leave a nice lemony-scent, which makes it a great choice for removing mold.

Mold Killing Lemon-Vinegar Mixture


The preparation process couldn’t be simpler.

Mix 1 cup of distilled, white vinegar with a ¼ cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Pour the ingredients in a spray bottle then mix well. Spray the mixture generously on the areas in your washing machine infected with mold. Leave it to act for about half an hour.

Continue with wiping down the area with a cotton towel dabbed with the mixture. Wipe until the mold is completely removed.

Mold spores that are hardly visible to the eye can still be left behind. These will continue to grow, so it’s hardly recommended to check your washing machine every few months for any signs of mold growth.