New Untested GMO Potatoes In Stores Around The Country. Here’s How to Avoid Them


There’s a lot of controversy about genetically modified foods because many people believe that GMO food should be labeled. However, the United States doesn’t have any strict requirements about labeling GMO food. The potential effects of GMO food is unknown but since the labeling system isn’t solid, it can make it difficult to avoid them. While you might try to just buy organic food, many packaged foods still don’t have to state whether or not there are genetically modified ingredients in them. So even though you might want to conveniently eat packaged food, you may want to rethink it.


This is especially true since foods like genetically modified foods are becoming more abundant at the supermarket, making it even harder to avoid them. However, the more you learn, the more you will know how to pick out the good potatoes from the GMO ones.

How New GMO Potatoes Have Been Modified

One way that potatoes have been modified is through genetic modification. Acrylamide is a chemical that has been genetically removed from potatoes which include red, Atlantic and russet varieties of potatoes. There is no research about what acrylamide can do to the body, or even if it is threatening.

Also, potatoes have been modified so they don’t bruise as easily. This is helpful for the storage and transportation because bruised potatoes are disposed of. At least 3 billion pounds of potatoes are thrown away annually because they’ve been bruised. Some potatoes have also been modified so that they don’t turn brown as easily or quickly.

Why These Potatoes Don’t Belong in Your Home

Sure, it’s inconvenient to have potatoes that rot faster or are bruised but it’s not about convenience. Potatoes are supposed to do this naturally so any genetic modified foods should never be purchased. You need the foods that are most nutritious rather than the ones that are most convenient.

Potatoes that turn brown are simply a sign that they’re going bad and losing their nutritional value. It’s actually helpful to know that they’re turning brown so you know whether or not they’re better for you to consume.

Tips to Avoid GMO Potatoes

In order to avoid GMO potatoes, there are several tips to follow to stay informed and avoid them since there isn’t any legal requirements to label them.

  • Look for labels that promote potatoes which don’t brown or bruise quickly. This is a tip off that they are genetically modified.
  • Don’t consume any processed potato products including potato chips, French fries, or frozen potatoes. You have no idea whether or not they have GMO potatoes in them or not because there is no disclosure about where the potatoes are obtained.
  • Try to buy only organic potatoes.
  • Search out a local trustworthy source. It’s possible to find a farmer who doesn’t use genetically modified organism seeds which will also allow you to support local farmers and have access to tastier and fresher produce.

Continue to be observant for GMO labels and if you get the chance to be proactive for better labeling of genetically modified food, take advantage. Until then, follow the above tips to avoid potatoes that are GMO.

Thanks to: Family Health Freedom Network