New Study Could Spell the End for Diet Soda and Aspartame


As the sale of diet soda is increasing, the health risks among people are also increasing. People have choice not to consume this drink, but they end up taking more than their body can endure. A report was published on a website explains that there is aspartame in soda that is dangerous for our health. This diet soda is the cause of many health problems especially for women.


A study conducted over 60,000 women shows that those women who drink diet soda had high risk of cardiovascular problems. Study also show that people can die from these problem if not taken care of.

The study by University of Lowa says: If you drink two or more soda drinks, there is a 30% chance you will probably have cardiovascular problems, and its 50% change of dying from the disease. This study was is one of the large findings linking to metabolic syndromes.

The sale of soda is increasing so the problem among people is also increasing. Super marketers are selling their product without having a thought that they are actually putting countless lives on risk.

One reason for not declining the soda in United States is because people are too much surrounded by soda drinks, they want to drink it without thinking about conscious. According to a report in Reuters, beverage industries are shrinking, many diet brands have suffered previously because to having artificial sweeteners.

Whatever the reason is of decrease in soda sales is, but the ground reality is that soda drinks are the added fuel to your junk diet. They have artificial sweeteners that people select rather than drinking healthier drinks.

If sales of diet soda have been decreased recently then there is a change people might be less exposed to corn syrup and similar problems.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living