New Evidence Suggest Round Up Is The Real Cause Of Gluten Disorder Epidemic


Although there are many common theories that it is very healthy to eliminate gluten from your diet, gluten may actually not even be the issue here. On one hand, gluten can still be harmful for some people, but on the other hand, the real culprit should be looked for elsewhere.

Gluten has long been blamed for everything from digestive issues to autoimmune disease.  There is a list below comprising disorders commonly related to gluten.

New Evidence Suggest Round Up Is The Real Cause Of Gluten Disorder Epidemic

Diseases Associated With Gluten:

– Celiac Disease

– Cancer

– Osteoporosis

– Arthritis

– Anxiety

– Lupus

– Dementia

And the list doesn’t stop here.

But is gluten really behind all of this?

Celiac Disease affects over three thousand Americans according to the University Of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. Research in this field suggests that roughly eighteen million Americans are gluten-sensitive. However, a 2013 study discovered that the effects of gluten were very inconsistent. People taking part in this study were put on three different diets, high gluten, low gluten, and whey protein diet (this one being the control diet). The results showed that gluten had no effect on the biomarkers of intestinal inflammation or immune response which actually leads to the fact that gluten may be blamed for things that it actually isn’t causing.

Wheat has been consumed for centuries now, as early as people were able to harvest, so why is it causing all of these problems just now? On the other hand, cross-pollination inevitably occurs in nature.

What could be causing these problems?

The root cause may actually lead to the herbicides used on the plants themselves.


If you go back to the 2013 study mentioned before, you will see that the diets that were low in FODMAPs actually relieved digestive problems. So, should you opt for a low FODMAP diet, you ought to consider eliminating the following foods:

–       Wheat

–       Dairy

–       Garlic

–       Onions

–       Pears

–       Watermelon

The only benefit of gluten free diets comes from the fact that they eliminate wheat which is high in FODMAPs.