I Never Thought That Toothpaste Could Do All This Around The House! #14 Left Me Speechless!


Have you ever thought that toothpaste can be used for something else other that brushing your teeth? If you haven’t, this article will blow your mind and you’ll never look at toothpaste the same way again. In this article we’ll show you how you can remove stains and dirt with toothpaste thanks to its ability to quickly dry out and absorb moisture. And the best thing is that it’s not toxic or poisonous like other commercially available cleaners but still makes things spotless.1

Tarnished Silver

Toothpaste is an excellent solution for your dirty and stained silverware and jewelry. Rub some of it on your tarnished silver, scrub the surface for a bit and your silver will look like new again.2

Car Lights

As every other part of the car, the headlights need to be cleaned as well. You can use toothpaste for this purpose. Just put some toothpaste on a sponge and clean the headlights. The dirt will be removed instantly.3

Piano Keys

Refresh your old piano keys with some toothpaste in a matter of minutes. They’ll become whiter instantly.4

 Cleaning the Shoes

Use toothpaste to clean the plastic parts of your shoes. Apply some toothpaste on a sponge and clean your sneakers. They will become as good as new.5

Foggy Swimming Goggles

Clean the goggles with toothpaste, it will create a razor-thin film which will prevent them from fogging up.6

Water Spots on the Table

Remove the stains from cups and glasses on your table with toothpaste.

7Ink Stains on the Clothes

Remove the ink stain from your favorite shirt with some toothpaste. You just need to apply a little bit of toothpaste directly on the stain. Leave it for 24 hours and then wash the shirt.

8Stains from Hair Dye

If your towels are covered with hair dye stains use some toothpaste to remove them completely.

9Mosquito Bites

Insect bites can be quite unpleasant. Just apply some toothpaste on the bite area and the itching and redness will disappear soon.


Apply toothpaste on the pimple and it will disappear soon.

11Calcified Iron

Clean your iron with toothpaste and it will become clean and shiny.

12Dirty Phone Screen

Clean your smartphone with some toothpaste and it will look brand new again.

I-Never-Thought-That-Toothpaste-Could-Do-All-This-Around-The-House-14-Left-Me-SpeechlessBallerina pumps

Toothpaste will clean your favorite ballerina pumps and will also make them smell fresh.

14Rug Stains

Remove the stains from the carpet with toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste on the stain and rub it with a sponge. The stain will be gone instantly.

15Nail Polish

If you are out of nail polish remover you can use some toothpaste instead. It’ll remove your nail polish and make your hands smell fresh at the same time.

16Dirty Hands

Washing your hands with toothpaste may sound silly but give it a try and you’ll see.

17Stinky Thermos

After some time, your thermos may start to smell unpleasantly. Add some hot water and toothpaste in the thermos. Close it and shake it well.  You will clean it and disinfect it as well.


If your favorite CD is skipping songs just apply some toothpaste over the scratches and you can listen to your favorite songs again.

Have you tried any of these trick before? Try them out and you’ll see how useful toothpaste can be.