Never Keep These 5 Common Items in Your Bathroom –They Harbor Millions of Germs!


In case you didn’t know, germs live everywhere in the house. However, it’s your bathroom that harbors most of them because of its warmth and humidity. Germs can pose a serious health threat, which is why you need to extra careful when storing certain items there.

These five things you should never keep in your bathroom.

Never Keep These Common Household Items in Your Bathroom –They Harbor Millions of Germs!

  1. Wet towels

Contrary to general belief, your toilet is not the dirtiest item in your bathroom. It’s actually the damp towels that harbor most fungi and bacteria, including e-coli and salmonella. In fact, wet towels stimulate mold proliferation and begin to stink in a few days. Dry your towels after use, especially if your bathroom is not well aired. Change your towels frequently or dry them fully between uses.

  1. Makeup brushes and cosmetics

Makeup brushes come in direct contact with your skin. If these are often exposed to moisture and heat, they also make perfect environment for germ growth. When germs come in contact with your skin, they can easily trigger infections or various skin diseases. Plus, your nail polish, eye shadows, foundation and mascara deteriorate more quickly as a result of sudden temperature changes and hot steam. That’s why you should keep your cosmetics at room temperature or in a cool, well-ventilated place.

  1. Toothbrushes

These common personal hygiene items harbor tons of bacteria due to their constant dampness. According to dentists, you should replace your toothbrush every three months. And, in order to inhibit germ proliferation, always place your toothbrush upright so as to dry in the open air. Also, if you keep several toothbrushes in one holder, make sure they are at least one inch apart and away from the toilet in order to prevent germs from spreading.

  1. Razors

Razor blades can easily rust because of moisture. In case you spot any rust on your razor or it no longer glides on your skin, throw it away immediately. In order to extend the life of your razor, run it under hot water after each use, dry it carefully and keep it outside your shower.

  1. Medicine

Although many people tend to keep their medications in a drug locker installed in their bathroom, this is in fact the worst place to keep your medicine in. For one thing, all pills, ointments and medicated solution must be kept at a constant temperature and the heat and humidity in the shower can cause these things to lose effectiveness before their due date or even to go bad. Pharmacists warn that aspirin can turn from a pain reliever into a stomach irritant in a warm, damp environment. To protect yourself, always keep your medications in a cool, dry place. Also, be aware that drugs that have changed color or texture are no longer safe for use.