Nature’s Antibiotics: 17 Remedies with Germ-Killing Properties


The best known antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered late in 1928. Since the birth of mankind, we utilize natural remedies for killing germs and diseases. It’s a hot topic among scientists today to study such natural remedies in order to find reasons behind their healing properties.


How beneficial these remedies are, it is advised that one must consult a doctor before using any of these remedies to avoid any strange symptoms.

1)      Yogurt

Good bacteria present in yogurt are a great source to attack microorganisms. Moreover, they help in boosting the growth of white blood cells, and consequently protecting microorganisms attack.

2)      Cranberries

Delivered from North America, these miracle fruits are packed with the compounds that prevent bacteria called as E.coli, which takes control of urinary tract. For most effective remedy, use concentrated extracts or undiluted fresh juice.

3)      Bearberry

Also called as arctostaphylos uva ursi, it is another blessing from North America which has antibiotic properties. Commonly found in capsules and tincture, it has a compound that helps fight urinary and intestinal infections.

4)      Blueberries

It is another great source that contains compounds that help fight E.coli infections. Tannins present in it stops the growth of bacteria and prevent it to sticking to urinary tracts cells. The best source of tannins is blueberry juice.

5)      Tea Tree

Having strong antimicrobial properties, the oil of this Australian plant is best known remedy used commonly for the skin and wound infections.

6)      Asparagus

Asparagus extracts boost white blood cells growth and helps improve their movement. They are great for protecting against number of bacteria like as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus known as MRSA.

7)      Eucalyptus

It is a commonly utilized natural remedy used in Australia. The reason is that its leaves have high content of eucalyptol, and thus possess rich antibacterial properties. It may be used as an internal treatment to keep wounds at bay. For respiratory infections, it is also taken in form of inhalation.

8)      Allspice

A common spice used in most of Asian and Chinese cuisine, this spice if included in regular diet can help stop bacterial multiplication.

9)      Honey

Manuka honey, the strongest honey is a traditional food of New Zealand Maori individuals. Such type of honey possesses powerful antibacterial properties. These properties can help in fighting infections present in wounds as well as in preventing Staphylococcus aureus which is resistant to antibiotics.

10)  Cherries

The juice of a black cherries aids in blocking activity of bacteria. Hence, it prevents dental plaque formation and keeps gum diseases at bay.

11)  Basil

Basil has its origin in India, from where it was brought to the West about 2,000 years back. The seeds and leaves of the plant both have great antibiotic properties. Its oil may be used on wounds or it may be used as a spice.

12)  Oregano

Essential oils made from oregano contain rich antibacterial properties. Numerous ointments used for wounds have got oregano extracts in them.

13)  Garlic

Garlic may be found in capsules or more commonly in raw form in cooking. Allicin, an important component of garlic, is an antibacterial compound that helps in warding off sepsis present in wounds. It is used in treating diseases that are potentially fatal. It was a well-known medicine in ancient times.

14)  Pomegranate

Vitamin C, iron and pomegranate make perfect combination to make an ointment. This may help in preventing infections related to gums and mouth along with killing Staphylococcus aureus known as MRSA microbes.

15)  Green Tea

Polyphenols present in green tea are in charge of upsetting bacterial metabolism and thus, avoiding their multiplication.

16)  Echinacea

An American-Indian remedy is a derivation of purple coneflower. It stimulates bacterial destruction process through white blood cells. The remedy is often used in form of a solution.

17)  Goldenseal

Alkaloid berberine present in goldenseal stimulates immunity system and helps in attacking bacteria. Number of infections was cured with it long ago by Indian American.