Natural Syrup For Improved Blood


If you feel tired and weak, it’s time to exam your blood. But before you go to the doctor, try the natural ways with natural ingredients to improve the general condition and blood by yourselfNatural Syrup For Improved Blood


• 1 kg beetroot

• 1/2 kg carrots

• Juice of one lemon

• 2-3 oranges

• 2 sour apples

• 1 jar of honey


Peel the beets, carrots and apples, cut them into small pieces, and put all together in a juicer. Manually squeeze the juice by the oranges and lemons and mix it with the previous one. Finally, add the honey, preferably a meadow honey and mix well. The quantity of oranges may be higher because they are added mainly because of the smell and taste. Put the syrup in glass bottles. You will get about a liter of syrup and will last for 15-20 days .Drink this syrup every morning on an empty stomach.