Natural Prescription That Will Help You STOP Smoking


Smoking is addictive and hard to stop even after a long period of trying. This habit is strong and despite all your efforts you feel like there is no help. For some time now a natural recipe on how to stop smoking is circulating over the Internet which many say that is very helpful.Natural Prescription That Will Help You STOP Smoking

The recipe is consisted of simple ingredients for which the author says will help you get rid of this habit forever.

Ingredients required for this recipe:

  • Half grapefruit,
  • Half orange
  • 20 oz of chamomile tea,
  • 30 grams of jojoba oil,
  • 30 grams of olive oil,
  • 30 grams of coconut oil,
  • 5 grams of oregano.

The drug is very simply prepared. Drain the grapefruit and the orange. In a suitable container, mix all ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture, then move the mixture in small jars that you can carry everywhere.

Apply the mixture on the skin under the nose or put a few drops on cotton and inhale deeply whenever you feel the need for a cigarette