Natural Groceries Against Pain


Natural Groceries Against PainMuscle pain

Cherry – a handful of these fruits or two glasses of cherry juice a day , you reduce muscle pain . The cherry contains anti-inflammatory enzyme as iboprofenot , but without any side effects and adverse effect on the stomach and kidneys .

Loss of memory

Sunflower seed – consume a quarter cup per day. Sunflower’s seed is rich with vitamin E which protects neurons in the brain of accumulated stress , so the longer you remember .

Lack of concentration

Eggs – consume one egg a day . Eggs contain nutrients that help the brain to transmit orders to the rest of your body and simultaneously maintain the structure of cell membranes .

Aging skin

Orange – consume one a day or two glasses of orange juice. Vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen, a protein that keeps skin supple.


Brown rice – Consume one cup of cooked brown rice per day . Carbohydrates help regulate the production of serotonin, which affect


Chicken meat – Consume 100 grams a day. Chicken contains an amino acid that helps the body to produce the hormone melatonin that helps to sleep better .

Swollen eyes

Green tea – Consume one cup a day , after meals . Which creates puffiness dark circles around the eyes is often caused by fluid retention . Green tea reduces unwanted swelling all over the body .

Lack of energy

Bananas – consume one a day. Banana is rich with potassium and magnesium which are key elements for producing and storing energy.