Natural Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses


According to statistics, over half of the world’s population is affected with some sort of a vision problem, or more precisely 4 out of 6 people suffer from bad eyesight.Modern medicine offers many solutions for eye conditions including laser surgery, contact lenses and more. But, although medicine has advanced so much that hardly anyone wears glasses anymore, stillit doesn’t mean that you can’t do more for your eyes. There are simpleeye exercises that reallywork.

Lots of people suffering from poor vision, no matter whether genetically inherited or acquired wtih age, have found these treatments beneficial.Plus, they are scientifically substantiated.

So, before spending your money on a doctor’s prescription and buy yourself an expensive pair of glasses or contacts, we recommend you consider some of these exercises first.

Human eye

Exercise 1: Blinking your eyes

As simple as it sounds, blinking is one of the most efficient methods to exercise your eye muscles and solve your vision problems. The truth of the matter is that the eyes are meant to blink often; however, long hours spent in front of the computer or TV make us blink much less than we should and thisnot only weakens the eye muscles but also dries out the eyes.

There’s another thing to blinking. Namely, itkeeps your eyes set for new information because the split second period of darkness helps you process what you see when you open your eyes.

Exercise 2: Covering your face

It’s surprising how many people do these exercises without any conscious effort at all. A perfect example of this exercise is covering your eyes with your hands, only close enough to allow blinking making yourself see in complete darkness.

What this exercise does is relieve the stress around your eyes allowing you to relax. You’ve probably done it before without being aware of it, especially if you frequently use a computer during the day.

Exercise 3: The Invisible Figure 8

The third exercise requires that you imagine number 8 lying on its side in front of you. Then, moving your eyes, trace this figure for about five minutes going one way, and then reverse for another 5 minutes. This makes an excellent eye muscle exercise.

Exercise 4: Nearsighted & Farsighted

Although simple, this exercise is very powerful. What you need to do is simply sit relaxed in a chair with wide, open space in front of you. First, focus on something near to you and then focus on something far away. Do this for about five minutes, switching your focus every ten seconds or so. This exercise will improve your vision over time.