Muscle loss and weakness can be stopped with 2 delicious foods, here’s how


Although people take care of their health, they still can be affected by muscle loss known as muscle atrophy. Recent study has revealed that two compounds can prevent muscle loss. This discovery is especially valuable for older people, who are prone to this medical condition. Now they can defeat this illness with consuming two simple and delicious foods.

Muscle loss and weakness can be stopped with 2 delicious foods, here’s how

The relationship between age and muscle atrophy

As the years go by, muscles become weak. Although this is a natural process it can cause serious problems as crushed bones.

Muscles develop, grow and become stronger before we turn 30. After 30 people start losing 3-5 % of muscle mass every 10 years and after 75 the muscle loss is accelerated.

This condition is difficult and the life is  not so pleasant any more. We can forget about hiking or even gardening due to the loss of strength, endurance and agility. In more severe cases even simple walk can be dangerous activity.

Fortunately, new studies have discovered that this condition which is linked with aging can be defeated. There are certain foods which can stop the muscle loss or prevent it from worsening.

Those foods are green tomatoes and apples.

You may be surprised by this discovery but it is true: apples and green tomatoes are the magical foods.

The age is not important, because if you consume these foods every day, your muscles will become stronger and healthier. Have you ever thought that apples and green tomatoes can be so beneficial?

How acts the combination of ursolic acid and tomatidine?

A group of scientists from the University of Iowa discovered that these foods have preventing effect on ATF4 factor which is responsible for muscle aging and genetic loss. Apple peels contain Ursolic acid and green tomatoes contain tomatidine.

The scientists made an experiment on mice which were treated with ursolic acid and tomatidine and after some time their muscle mass and strength were increased. The strength was increased by 30 percent and the muscle muss by 10 persent.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Due to the latest research a new supplement can appear on the market but you can obtain positive results by consuming raw and fresh fruit.

Apples and green tomatoes are also delicious.

Consume one apple a day and green tomatoes should be used in salads.

Attention: Consume only organic apples!

Do you know that the apples are one of the most chemically treated fruits in 2015? So choose well when you buy apples!